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Roger Federer… Is he the greatest tennis player ever lived? I think so! In fact, I think that he is one of the greatest athletes ever lived. In my opinion Roger is in the same league with Michael Schumacher, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali and other phenomenal athletes. I’m sorry! I don’t want to miss anybody out from the list, but these people were the first ones who popped into my mind. And all of them have two common things in their successful careers – longevity and passion for their sport. And that is what I am going to talk about!

Federer’s fluid technique and perfect movement both result in effortless power and excellent court coverage. Plus outstanding shot selection and strong self-confidence makes him a perfect tennis player. Sometimes when I ask somebody to characterise Roger Federer, I often hear people talking about his powerful forehand, accurate serve or amazing touch. Well… It is true! His technique is something incredible! And his smooth and relatively effortless style of play definitely helps him to play so well in his mid thirties. But that is not what amazes me the most about Roger. His ability to stay on top for so long, his desire and passion for tennis is something I can’t really explain…

The guy has won almost everything. I don’t think there are any professional goals that Federer hasn’t achieved. He is one of the world’s richest athletes, so I doubt that money drives him. Roger is turning 36 this year… I bet he is hurting. His back, his knee and most likely dozens of other niggling injuries bothering him… But he doesn’t care! He keeps working on his game. His backhand is as good as never before. His speed when attacking the net and hitting those volley winners is unbelievable. Years go by, but Roger Federer is still finding motivation to improve his tennis… How do you do that, Roger?

There has been so many phenomenal tennis players, not only Federer. If we look at the most recent times, there is Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. The members of so called ”big four”. These four guys have taken tennis to another level and ”ruined” lives for a few generations with quality players by not letting them to reach the top. Many people asked me: ”When are we going to see new faces at the top of the top of our sport?” And I thought that it will happen this year. In 2017… I thought that this is the time for young guns to fire. I wish the best for Rafa, but I kind of predicted that he will slow down physically, because his speed and endurance was something out of this world, when he was on his peak. I also predicted that Djokovic may lose a little bit of his motivation after winning his first Roland Garros and not getting his Olympic medal in Rio… I thought that Andy Murray’s phenomenal run in the end of 2016 to reach the world number 1 ranking will take too much out of him physically and mentally. And, actually, I was right! However, I didn’t predict the incredible comeback from almost 36 years old Roger Federer…

We all know how difficult it is to achieve something. Anything. It is really tough. But for me it has always been even more difficult to repeat that success. It requires extra motivation. It tests you! Many professional tennis players (and not only tennis players) have said the same. I believe that the real success is ability to repeat it. And Roger Federer has done it over and over again. Bravo!

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  1. Richards, yes you are absolutely correct in analyzing Roger success and what it takes to maintain such a level of play for two decades running. He is, definitely, a role model and an inspiration to budding Tennis players. I think the game needs him as much as he needs Tennis

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