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rihards-emulinsMy name is Rihards Emulins. I am certified tennis coach, professional tennis player, tennis lover and founder of webtennistraining.com – online tennis training with an accent. You might be wondering why is it ”online tennis training with an accent”? You see… Because of tennis I have travelled and lived abroad a lot, however originally I am from Latvia and English is not my first language. So I have Latvian accent when I speak and, probably, some grammar mistakes as well. 🙂

I have created this website for passionate tennis players of different levels. Whether you are seasoned professional or just starting out, you can find valuable and easy to implement information, and improve your game. Webtennistraining.com offers loads of free lessons, tips, videos and articles about all main aspects of tennis – technique, fitness, strategy, psychology and many more.

Almost everything I teach, I have personally tried myself as a tennis player. I share with you only those lessons and tips, I find useful myself. The bottom line is that I am trying to keep things simple! From my experience keeping tennis as simple as possible is the best way to learn the game! And I have experienced quite a lot…

My tennis career didn’t start with a glamour. Actually, the beginnings were pretty humble. For the first 5 years I was a part of a large group of children with different age and abilities. I call it a ”health group” where children were mainly sent for just having fun and play some sports twice per week. I was an average tennis player even for a national standard. I was, definitely, closer to the bottom than top end. You can’t imagine how weird looking technique (wrong grips, lack of shoulder turn, strange footwork, etc.) I had. Also my tactical knowledge of tennis was really poor…

However, I was pretty strong physically and I had an enormous will to be successful. But some sort of success didn’t come easy and it took a lot of time. Slowly but surely, with a help of my family, coaches and other great people I met on my way, I turned into more complete player and became one of the best players in my country. I have achieved ATP ranking, represented my country in Davis Cup, won National Championship and BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) team championship as a proud member of University of Stirling men’s tennis team. I don’t consider myself incredibly successful and I don’t like to brag about myself. However, often people just want to know the journey of the person they are learning from. And my journey has been long with a lot of lessons learnt. And I want to share these lessons with you here in webtennistraining.com.

Tennis is something I love and I know the best. I can talk about tennis endlessly! Years go by and I enjoy tennis more and more each day. I always look for the ways to improve as a player and also as a coach. I am involved in tennis for more than 20 years. I still compete from time to time and I coach both – online and offline. I have an experience in working with players of different age and level. The youngest person I have ever coached was 5 years old and the oldest… Definitely, in 60+ age group! I have worked with beginners, recreational players, kids, juniors and professional tennis players. And the biggest reason for me creating webtennistraining.com was ability to share my experience with everybody who wants it. When you work with people on court in ”real life”, there are always limiting factors such as time and location. The Internet removes these barriers! You can learn anytime and anywhere you want!

I have noticed that on the Internet there are plenty of good information about technical and physical part of the game, and, of course, I will teach you that as well. However, I put big emphasis on the mind part of tennis – strategy and psychology. In addition to free lessons, tips, videos and articles, I have also created simple, but really effective training methods focusing on modern and consistent all-court game. These methods have already helped thousands of players to take their games to the next level. And it is not all about me in this website. I collaborate with great coaches and professional tennis players to give you the best instruction possible, so I invite you to join webtennistraining.com community and enjoy tennis like never before!

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